Gift Card

Gift Card
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  • Item #: GiftCard
  • Manufacturer: In The Niche

This item is used to purchase a Gift Card, which may be in any even dollar amount, such as $10.00, $25.00, $62.00, etc.  The card will come with a sleeve envelope allowing you to fill in the To and From information.

For example, if you wish to purchase a $25.00 Gift Card, you would enter a Quantity of 25, which will total $25.00; for a $10.00 Gift Card, you would enter a Quantity of 10, which will total $10.00.

Shipping is free, first class USPS mail, paid by In The Niche.

This gift card is only valid at In The Niche for in-store purchases.  If you wish to use the card for online purchases, at checkout please set the Payment Method to "Print and Call".  You may then contact me by phone or email with card information, and I will work with you to use the card balance for the purchase.

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